ヌアール NB20



The product design and package design for the “NB20” Bluetooth earbuds by NUARL, which had their brand developed upon the concepts of NATURAL & NEUTRAL, are handled. In the aluminum and resin hybrid structure, the resonance unique to its materials is prevented, and a clear sound is made possible with a weight of only 12g. Moreover, it is equipped with sufficient capacities and functionalities, such as being waterproof corresponding to the IPX6 standard, with the “soft and porous film” which lets air through, but not water, and the parylene coating which repels water with a special membrane, and having a power-saving functionality implemented which makes 6 hours of playtime possible. On the product package, the line art of the earbuds themselves is boldly accentuated, and we aimed for a design that is luxurious and maintains a presence, even while it is simple.

NATURAL & NEUTRALをコンセプトにブランド展開を行なっているNUARLのBluetoothイヤフォン<NB20>のプロダクトデザイン及びパッケージデザインを担当。アルミと樹脂の複合構造にて素材固有の共振を防止し、わずか12gと軽量ながらクリアなサウンドを実現。また、空気を通しても水を通さない 「軟質多孔フィルム」と特殊皮膜で水分を弾く「パリレンコーティング」によるIPX6相当の耐水性能、6.0h連続再生を可能とする省電力機能を搭載するなどの十分な性能・機能も兼ね備えている。製品パッケージには、箔押しでイヤフォン本体の線画を大きく大胆に施し、シンプルながら高級感や存在感を示すデザインを目指した。

MTI Corporation
Tokyo, Japan
Product Design
Package Design