BONX Grip wins both the Red Dot Award and the Design Intelligence Award.BONX GripがRed Dot Award と Design Intelligence Awardをダブル受賞。

BONXの「BONX Grip」がRed Dot Award:Product Design 2017にて「 Red Dot賞」を、Design Intelligence Awardにて「DIA Finalist」を受賞しました! Red Dot Design Awardは、60年以上続く世界最大級のデザイン賞であり、Design Intelligence Awardは、いま注目の国際デザインコンテストです。このようなデザイン界における名誉な称号を頂けたことは、弊社一同喜ばしく思うと同時に、その期待に応えるべく身が引き締まるばかりです。これからもナイスなプロダクトを作り続けていけるよう努力していきたいと思います。

“BONX Grip” from BONX managed to take both the “Red Dot Award” at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 awards and the title of “DIA Finalist” at the Design intelligence Award! The Red Dot Design Award has been running for over 60 years and is the leading design award in the world. The Design Intelligence Award is a now well-known international design contest. Being awarded such honors in the design world is something that all of our staff are very proud of, and also spurs us on into putting 110% into our work to continue to live up to these lofty expectations. We will continue to work hard to produce great products.